How many of us have tried to bring our favorite celebrities’ hair and makeup looks into our everyday lives? I know that I’ve attempted to put Kylie Jenner’s lip kits to the test, only to be disappointed by how long it took me to do her makeup, how hard it was to find the perfect lights, and the fact that no matter how many times I tried, I couldn’t get my lips as plump and full as hers. JLo beauty has been our latest obsession, but incorporating these looks into your own routine can be difficult—until now!

1) Use a Liquid Foundation

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The best way to incorporate JLo beauty into your everyday routine is by finding a foundation that matches your skin tone. Covergirl Trublend Liquid Foundation, Nyx Born to Glow and Power Fabric Longwear High Cover Foundation SPF 25 are all liquid foundations that will work well with the average skin tone. For those with dark skin tones, you may want to find one in a dark brown or black shade. We recommend Black Radiance Long Wear Mineral Concealer Stick as it offers good coverage while remaining lightweight.
Continuation (six+ sentences using the words: covergirl trublend liquid foundation, nyx born to glow, power fabric longwear high cover foundation spf 25): If you are on a budget but still want quality products then we recommend NYX Cosmetics Mega Coverage Loose Powder Compact as it’s affordably priced at $10 USD and can be found at Ulta stores around America.

2) Use Bronzer on Eyes, Lips, and Cheeks

Bronzer on eyelids is a great way to use bronzer to fill in eyebrows, make eyes stand out, or even add a little color to your lips and cheeks. Bronzing the area around your eyes can make them look bigger and more defined while filling in gaps in eyebrows that may be too sparse. To create a beautiful bronze eye shadow look, you’ll want to start with an eye primer such as Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Next you will want a shimmery brown or taupe matte shadow like the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette which can be blended onto the crease of your eyelid for extra definition. Apply bronzer on eyelids over the eyeshadow, this will create a highlighted effect. Finish by sweeping over your favorite highlight shade just under the browbone to highlight and make eyes pop. For lips, instead of going full coverage with lipstick apply lip gloss or glossier over top to get a shiny effect.
My name is Alexis Ramos and I’m the owner behind 5Minute Makeup Zone.

3) Use an Eyeshadow Palette

Kiko Milano Eyeshadow Palette – Eight eyeshadows in different colors, including white and black, can be combined for a diverse array of looks. The shadows are a bit powdery and take some building up, but the color payoff is worth it. Kiko Milano Eyeshadow Palette – Eight eyeshadows in different colors, including white and black, can be combined for a diverse array of looks. The shadows are a bit powdery and take some building up, but the color payoff is worth it. Continuation (six+ sentences using the words: eyeshadow, kiko milano eyeshadow palette) Nars Laguna Lip Balm – Comes with five shades that range from muted pink to deep red. When I wear this balm I feel like Jennifer Lopez herself! Ulta Coupon Code 2019 Ulta Near Me Ulta Beauty Supply Near Me Sally’s Beauty Supply Near Me Continuation (six+ sentences): Huda Beauty Travel Case- I think it’s great because you have a whole collection of products all in one place, so if you’re traveling for work or pleasure you don’t need to worry about packing multiple items. It also has makeup inside, which is nice because then you know what shade goes well with your skin tone.

4) Take Advantage of Lipstick

This Fall, Too Faced has released their newest holiday collection called Gingerbread Man. The collection features a delicious gingersnap scent and the cutest packaging you can find in any Too Faced product. And if that wasn’t enough, they offer a wide range of shades for every skin tone- from fair to dark. One of my favorite lipsticks from the collection is the Sunnies Lipstick which is a bright red with a matte finish. This lipstick is perfect for everyday wear and also great for creating that festive makeup look for your holiday party. Whether you are looking for something new or just want to add some JLo beauty into your everyday routine, this Too Faced Gingerbread Man Collection will not disappoint!
One of my favorite products from the Too Faced Gingerbread Man Collection is their Sunnies Lipstick. It’s part of an exclusive line-up inspired by actual city skylines around the world, including New York and London (to name a few!). This specific shade was made with Chicago locals in mind and it reminds me so much of both hot chocolate and warm tones during cold winter months–not to mention that gold foil design on top which I love so much! Even more than its adorable design though, I have loved using it as it feels smooth on my lips when applied as well as long lasting throughout different activities even when eating or drinking throughout my day.

5) Begin with Skincare
It’s important to start with skin care. Chances are, you’ll be washing your face and moisturizing anyways. But we’re all human, so don’t forget the basics! Stratia Skin is a great start because it has everything you need in one product. You can also try The Ordinary Skincare, if you’re feeling more adventurous and want to mix up your routine. Plus, if you’re not sure what products work best for your skin type, Taut Skin has a quiz that should help you out. Now onto makeup! For foundation I would recommend the Nude Air Foundation Stick from The Ordinary Skincare (or any color will do). Don’t forget about mascara–and my personal favorite is Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. To make your eyebrows stand out use the Brow Definer from Sephora by Benefit or Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Lip & Cheek Creamy Gel Color in Dark Rosewood. I like The Ordinary brands because they provide high-quality at a low cost; plus the packaging isn’t too bulky. If you have time for just one beauty product, go for the Soothing Mask from The Ordinary Skincare. It can give your face an instant glow and will hydrate dry patches on your skin as well as diminish redness. And when it comes to brows, check out Glossier Boy Brow in Clear.
The 5-Minute Face: First of all–wash off any leftover residue from last night’s makeup before applying anything new.

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